I strongly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. The website that goes along with the book is www.Ovusoft.com. I also recommend taking this FREE online course at www.FertilityFriend.com.

Here is my personal experience with charting,

  • I use a digital thermometer.

  • I take my temp every morning at the same time.

  • I take my temp vaginally. I find that my temps are more stable that way. I just wipe it off with a baby wipe after each use. I don't always temp during my period but I have. I make sure to start temping by the end of my period.

  • I check my cervix at least once a day at around the same time. I find that setting on the toilet works best for me to reach my cervix. I always wash my hands before checking my cervix. When you are about to ovulate the cervix feels soft like your bottom lip. When you are not fertile it feels hard like the tip of your nose.

  • I try to record my CM, (Cervical Mucus) everyday or at least when fertile CM starts. Tip about the difference between semen and fertile mucus, I find that semen is not as elastic as fertile CM. When put between two fingers, it will break when the fingers are opened and closed where fertile CM will not break. I also find that semen has a distinct smell, where as fertile CM does not. I chart the most fertile CM of the day.

  • I don't always use OPK's but if I do I will mark that on the chart.

  • I mark my chart when we BD, (Baby Dance, Sex, Make Love) the week before and after ovulating to see if we timed BDing good or not.

  • I will mark my chart with anything else that could effect my temps or ovulation. Sleeping late. up early, sick, stress, etc.

Charting can not only help with TTC, (Trying To Conceive) but with TTA, (Trying To Avoid Pregnancy). It can also help detect health issues such as, PCOS, Thyroid problems, Low Progesterone, etc. I can usually tell if I am pregnant by charting. If my temp stays up past 18 DPO or I have a third rise in temp, then it is a good indication of pregnancy. I have also known I was going to miscarry because of charting. I feel way more knowledgeable of my body when I am charting.

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