Unfortunately miscarriages happen to a over whelming amount of women. It's something that isn't talked about very openly. I myself have suffered this pain. I have never had a miscarriage past the first trimester but I do believe that life begins at conception and that a loss is a loss. I have had at least 3 chemical pregnancies and two blighted ovum's.

I hope the following information helps those who are going through loss or helps someone that knows of someone going through a loss to understand what's going on.
I think it's important to remember that everyone grieves differently and as a woman I had to remember that my husband would grieve differently then I would. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Here are some FREE Certificates Of Life for printing out to remember your angel baby.

Click Here for Miscarriage Certificate
Click Here for Stillbirth Certificate
Click Here for Neonatal Loss Certificate

A baby book designed specifically for your angel baby. Comes in a custom binder with over 100 pages. www.foreverheart.ca

www.memory-of.com is a wonderful place to create online memorial website to honor friends & family.

Although there are many different causes that can led to a loss sometimes there just isn't a clear answer of why. Click on the desired link below to learn more about a  specific type of miscarriage.
Kellie Coffey song "I Would Die For That" about wanting a child
Video about loss
Video about Infertility
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