OPK, Ovulation Predictor Kit

Here is a great website on OPK's.  www.PeeOnAStick.com

Here is my personal experience with using them.

I find that some brands are more sensitive then others. Some Dollar Tree's carry OPK's.  I will get Answer OPK's or I will order them from www.SaveOnTests.com.

I start testing on the first day I start getting fertile cervical mucus. I test at least twice a day. Once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Once I get a positive I will usually ovulate 12-48 hours later. I have gotten what I thought to be a positive and then it's gone back down for a day or two and then had it go positive again. This is why I love charting. If I didn't chart I wouldn't know for sure when I ovulated.

Here are some pictures of some of my OPK's. Click on photo to enlarge.

                         Dollar Tree Tests                    SaveOnTests.com       

A word of caution, PLEASE DO NOT use OPK's as HPT's. I tried this one month and would get positives in the morning and negatives in the afternoon/evening.
All it does is leave you with more questions. If you think your pregnant then take a HPT. 

OPK's are only one of the tools that you can use to help you try to determine when you MIGHT ovulate but it is not the finale answer to that "Am I going to/Did I Ovulate" question.      

Click to enlarge OPT/OPK Timing Chart.