There are millions of website that cover this topic so I won't go into it to deep but I will tell you what I do/have done.

  • Get a yearly GYN exam/Blood work done to make sure things are good.

  • Talk to my doctor about ALL medications that I take, over the counter or prescriptions, to make sure they are safe for TTC & pregnancy.

  • Take a good parental vitamin.

  • Exercise (at least walk 5 days a week).

  • Chart so I know around when I should ovulate and how long my cycles are on average.

  • Use OPK's so I can time sex better.

  • Start having sex every other day once fertile cervical mucus starts.

  • Drink lots of water to help promote fertile cervical mucus.

  • If fertile CM needs help then I use Pre Seed (other lubricates are not sperm friendly) and/or start taking taking guaifenesin the week before I expect to ovulate to help thin out my CM to make it more sperm friendly.

  • I make sure that my thyroid levels are good.

  • I gave up caffeine

  • I try to get plenty of rest every night.

  • And common sense should tell anyone that is going to TTC to give up smoking, drinking and ALL drugs of any kind.

  • I would also recommend doing research on the Doctor/Hospital/Midwife you plan on using to see what their c-section rate is. Try to find the most natural minded one to help lower your chances of having a c-section.

  • Read. I educated myself on my body, pregnancy and birth.

  • If trying to AVOID getting getting pregnant, I would abstain from having sex or use other means of birth control 5 days before ovulate to 3 days after ovulation when not charting, temping or checking my cervix or mucus.
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